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Manufacturer : BIANCHI
Year: 1993 or 1994

Size: 53

Special note: New old stock, with original box.



One was manufactured between 1993 and 1994 and was stored as new and unused. The condition of the paint is not bad and I think it reproduces the color of the time. Although there are some scratches and rust on various parts, it is in good condition considering it is nearly 30 years old. I think this is the perfect frame set for those looking for a vintage Bianchi.

Bianchi Minimax Reparto Corse Frame set

VAT Included
  • ■SPECIAL SALE items include rare parts, dead stock parts, and rare items carefully selected by CDJ! We provide what you want.
    *Dead stock may deteriorate over time even if it is new. Please note that even if there is fading, cracking, or decreased functionality, the current status will be given priority.
    *Each item, whether used or new, is a one-of-a-kind item. We will do our best to provide as much detail as possible, but please note that the operation, degree, etc. will be at our sole discretion.
    *Please note that there are no guarantees.
    *We will specify the model year to the best of our knowledge. There may be some discrepancies from the actual manufacturing date.
    *An additional ¥2,000 (excluding tax) will be charged for inland shipping.CDJ Nisshin ShowroomOr if you pick it up at CDJ TOKYO, it's free.
    *CDJ Nisshin ShowroomIt is also on display at CDJ TOKYO, so it may be sold out even though it is advertised online. Please note.

    *Internationl order is acceptable. Shipping cost may vary, so please contact us at before ordering.

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