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【Description of item】
A compact rod for outdoor use produced by a fishing rod manufacturer, a lightweight super mini rod that is convenient to carry.
Finished with a compact size of 30 cm that does not add bulk to your bag.
The total length is 2.7m so that it is easy to handle for anyone, from beginners to serious anglers.
We are particular about the design so that it can be used as a tool for outdoor activities, camping, etc., and the grip part is finished in green, which means that you can play with nature, based on the ivory color.
In addition, the tip and end cap are made of warm wood, and the rod storage bag (included) is made of canvas with emphasis on durability and design. The storage bag of the rod has a serial number for quality control. On the back of the package, a QR code explains how to use the video.
Please play with FIELD in various fields.

Overall length    2.7m
Joint number     12
Closed dimensions  30.5cm
Weight    53g
Tip diameter     0.6mm
Original diameter     20.3mm
Carbon content   97%


FIELDOM outdoor compact fishing rod

VAT Included
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