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Manufacturer SCOTT
Product name Frame set CR1 TT SANUNIER DUVAL LIMITED
Year 2008 Retro

Dead stock new, rare item, size M
This is the special color of the team "Sauniel Duval" that was active in the Tour de France. The combination of No. 7005 aluminum frame + CR1 carbon fork is what you could call an aluminum specification of PLASMA. However, the shape and manufacturing technology is so impressive that it can be mistaken for a carbon frame, and I think it is comparable even in modern times. There are some small scratches in various places, but since it was stored in good condition, it is a high-quality product with no noticeable aluminum corrosion.
Top tube length 530mm Seat tube length 500mm Weight 2,300g (including fork and seatpost)


VAT Included
  • ■SPECIAL SALE items include rare parts, dead stock parts, and rare items carefully selected by CDJ! We offer what you want.
    *Dead stock may deteriorate over time even if it is new. Please note that even if there is fading, cracking, or decreased functionality, the current status will be given priority.
    *Each item, whether used or new, is a one-of-a-kind item. We will do our best to provide as much detail as possible, but please note that the operation, degree, etc. will be at our sole discretion.
    *Please note that there are no guarantees.
    *We will specify the model year to the best of our knowledge. There may be some discrepancies from the actual manufacturing date.
    *An additional ¥2,000 (excluding tax) will be charged for inland shipping. Free delivery if delivered at CDJ Nissin Factory or CDJ TOKYO.
    *Since it is also on display and sold at CDJ Nissin Factory or CDJ TOKYO, it may be sold out even while it is advertised online. Please note.


    International order is acceptable.

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