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CDJ Hyper Chain Oil.


It is a completely new chain oil that was created with the aim of reducing resistance and extending durability, inspired by the development of full ceramic oil. Although it is a wax-type base oil with very low viscosity, it has a strong oil film-forming property. CDJ original hyper chain oil was born from a different dimension of ideas.

*Varies depending on usage conditions.


【Description of item】

Although it is a low-viscosity oil with lubricating performance comparable to racing oil, it uses two solid lubricants of the same type and different structure to maintain lubricity, durability, strong oil film properties, etc. for a long time. The WS2 plus IF-WS2 compounding low oil content, which can be used even in harsh environments, realizes a very smooth feeling of use, light pedaling, and a cushioning effect due to the oil film by enhancing permeability, rust prevention, and water displacement. Viscosity ester oil.


The main lubricating material used is "layered structure tungsten disulfide (WS2) ; which is much stronger than molybdenum disulfide and has high lubricity and load resistance. prevent over time.

As the auxiliary lubricant, we adopted “tungsten disulfide with multi-layered fullerene structure (IF-WS2)”, which has a spherical structure with many layers at the molecular level, which is a lubricant used for aerospace-related equipment and has smaller particles than WS2. Penetrates the surface of the lubricant and the gaps of WS2, and when IF-WS2 has a low load, the spheres roll and lubricate, and at a high load, the spherical layer slides off, demonstrating further lubrication performance.


VAT Included
  • *Please handle with care as the container is made of glass.

    * Carrying with the inner plug removed may cause oil leakage.

    *Do not mix with other oils. Doing so may cause performance degradation.

    *Be sure to shake well before applying.

    * If you like, please use it by attaching the attached ultra-fine nozzle.

    * Avoid high temperature and humidity, store upright.

    *Category 4, petroleum category 3, fire strictly prohibited

    *Contents 50ml bottle or 15ml bottle

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