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◆ Dry carbon grip

A size and shape that fits comfortably in your hand. Dry carbon pipes are manufactured by carefully laminating each pipe.

The finish that highlights the beauty of the 3K twill weave has a rough texture due to special processing. We have prepared two types of clear finish (glossy) and matte finish (matte), so please choose according to your preference.

Work efficiency is increased by selecting the optimum length from 200mm, 300mm, and 400mm lengths based on workability and usability.


◆ Blade [cutlery]

The blades are from Hounen Kihan, a long-established company in Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Making knives for each purpose matches the concept of GOA by CDJ.


*Thin blade 180mm Cromax steel (can be sharpened many times)

Rust-resistant, chip-resistant, and sharp like a razor. Soft grass to slightly hard grass, etc.


*Medium thickness blade 165mm White No.2 steel composite steel (can be sharpened many times)

A well-balanced, medium-thickness blade with a thin tip made by a cold-pressing method. Hard grass, slightly thick grass, etc.


*Saw blade 170mm stainless molybdenum steel (sharpen several times)

High hardness, rust resistant, sharp blade. Rice harvesting, grass cutting, pruning, etc.


◆ Attachment

Duralumin steel (A2017) is subjected to high-precision cutting by a CDJ-affiliated domestic precision machining company, and the black anodized finish enhances the texture. It is the cornerstone of the product as a part that connects 3 types of blades and 3 types of grips. Stainless steel (black) is used for the disk cap bolt that secures the blade, and M5 is used for the knurled knob that secures the grip, contributing to stability and ease of replacement.



Comes with cleaning oil for maintenance and hex wrench for blade replacement necessary for cleaning the blade. In addition, all components can be sold individually so that you can use it for a long time, so you can rest assured that it will wear out or be lost.


●Cleaning the blade (cutting edge)

After finishing the work, if you clean it with the included blade cleaner (Yanipika), the blade will last longer.The sharpness lasts for a long time. Tree sap, etc., adheres when trees and plants are cut or branches are pruned.It will be difficult to cut. In order to use it comfortably next time, we recommend cleaning it after each work.To do. Furthermore, if you use a rust inhibitor, it will last even longer.


● Consumables and components

We sell each component separately so that you can use it for a long time. the expendablesIn addition to various blades, carbon grips, aluminum attachments, mountingThere are also small parts, such as a screwdriver knob. Please order from the shop where you purchased this product or from our website.


● Lost search IC tag (for reference)

Where did you put the sickle that you sometimes used when mowing grass in a footpath or in a wide area?You may not understand. In such cases, there is an IC tag that can be searched with a smartphone.So let me introduce you. If you turn the end cap of the grip and remove it, it can be built insidehas become If you occasionally lose things, please refer to it.(Applicable size is only MAMORIO.



The blade (cutting edge) is very easy to cut and is very dangerous if handled incorrectly. Please read the following items carefully and handle with care.


* When replacing the blade, replace it with the protective cover attached.

* Never touch the edge of the blade.

* Do not leave the product without the protective cover attached.

*Please attach the grip first when installing the attachment.

* Store and work with great care so that small children do not touch it.

* It is very dangerous to use a broken or bent blade as it is, so please stop using it.

and replace with a new blade.

* Never use it for anything other than its intended purpose.


◇ CDJ's approach to sustainability

We have entered an era where we cannot ignore the SDGs as a manufacturer. When considering the selection of materials and the composition of parts for CDJs, I would like to start by being conscious of things such as things that can be used for a long time, that they can be reused, and that they can be recycled. In the unlikely event that the carbon grip is damaged and you are having trouble disposing of it, please contact us. It is possible to sharpen various blades, and new ones are also available.



¥54,450 Regular Price
¥27,225Sale Price
VAT Included
  • The contents of the set are as follows.

    * 3 types of blades

    Thin blade x1, Medium thickness blade x1, Saw blade x1

    * 3 types of carbon grips

    200mm  x1, 300mm x1, 400mm x1

    *Attachment (A2017 BLK) X1

    *Knurled knob (M5)  X1

    * Flat cap bolt (SUS BLK  M6x18)  x2

    *Maintenance oil (Yani Pika) x1

    *L type hexagon wrench x1


    * The end cap and aluminum collar are glued to the carbon grip


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