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Pedaling with the BPK (Big Pulley Kit) is lighter than normal derailleur because friction loss is decreased. Several customers reported their average speed gains more than 2km/h by their cycle computer.


You can use Outer/Low position (front outer gear and rear inner gear) smoother than normal derailleur. Or quite difficult to use this position with normal one. When you ride a bike on the uphill road, once you change front gear to inner then you should also change rear gear. This means frequent and futile action will make you time loss and to get tired. So less the number of times shifting with BPK makes you airily.


Carbon cages, both outer and inner CFRP(Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) plates give you not only steady capability but also visually beautiful that makes you a sense of superiority. And you can choose cage color as your preference.


CDJ original pulley; AURUM+CF30, a kind of special plastic contains 30% carbon fiber. It’s light but very strong like a metal. Even though almost half of aluminum weight. High noise reduction and low sliding friction. Color is like a dark green with marble.


You could use 29T to 34T rear gear with the BPK, depending on the setting.


PULLEY combination; 17T / 12T





CAGE COLOR; Matte / Clear / Red / Blue / Yellow / Green

Added gloss color charge 2,000JPY except for Matte



Hybrid ceramic bearings (ceramic balls with steel housing combination) installed as standard.

Full ceramic bearings are selectable + 6,000JPY



Installing the genuine rear derailleur to the BPK is also available when you order. Please allow some days to provide it.

V3PLUS Campagnolo 12 SPEED

¥55,000 Regular Price
¥38,500Sale Price
VAT Included
  • *Derailleur is not included.
    *If the rear derailleur is attached, it may take time to prepare the main unit.
    *It is necessary to increase the number of chain links for installation.
    *Assembly involves removing and installing the derailleur and adjusting, requiring specialized skills.
    Please ask your nearest cycle shop or our company.
    *We provide a service for general users to send their derailleurs to us, install them free of charge, and return them to us. (Please bear the shipping fee to be sent.)
    *Please be aware that if you install the product yourself, it may not be covered by the warranty. *Please note that it will take 1-2 weeks to prepare colors other than matte.

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