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It is a model that can be installed on the new Shimano R9200 / R8100 series.

(1) A CDJ original pulley using the next-generation resin (super engineering plastic) of AURUM + CF30 is installed. Ultra-lightweight with high strength comparable to aluminum material but only about half the weight. It has excellent sliding resistance and is much quieter.
(2) Further resistance reduction is realized from the combination of guide pulley 12T and tension pulley 17T. There is no problem with shifting performance, so you can use it with confidence.
(3) Design a new cage design after determining the appropriate position according to the increase in size of the tension pulley.
④ With 6 colors (matt, clear, red, blue, yellow, green) pulley cage finish, you can choose the coloring that matches various bikes.
Supports up to rear cassette 34T.

■ Compatible models
SHIMANO R9250 / R8150

■ Pulley cage color You can choose the coating of the dry carbon plate from the following 6 colors. In addition, glossy colors other than matte will be upcharged by 2,200 yen (tax included). Please contact us for custom colors.
(Matte, Clear, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)

■ Pulley color
The pulley color of 12T / 17T is a dark green marble color with the base of AURUM + CF30.

■ Bearing option The standard is a hybrid ceramic bearing.
If you want a full ceramic bearing, you can choose it for +6,600 yen (tax included).

V3PLUS R9250/R8150

VAT Included
  • * Derailleur is not included.
    * It is necessary to increase the number of frames of the chain for mounting.
    * Assembly involves derailleur attachment / detachment work and adjustment work, and requires specialized skills.
    Please contact the nearest cycle shop or us.
    * General users are asked to send the derailleur to us, and we will assemble it free of charge and return it to us. (Please bear the shipping cost.)
    * Please note that the warranty may not be applicable when assembling by yourself. * Please note that it takes about 1 to 2 weeks to prepare colors other than matte (matte).

    Click here for the video manual.(Japanese only)

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